You look into the mirror. You don't like what looks back so you [[smile|Smile]]. Your smile is more like a [[frown|Frown]]. The mirror [[cracks|Cracks]].You touch the cracks with your [[fingers|FingersInTheCracks]]. That was stupid, you have cut your fingers and your [[blood|Blood]] drips into the cracks.The stranger in the mirror sticks their [[tongue|Tongue]] out at you.The stranger in the mirror licks your blood. "Tasty." The stranger licks their [[lips|Lips]].The blood coalesces and seems to form a word on the stranger's lips. You lean into the mirror to read the [[word|Run]].Their tongue has something black on the end. You peer closer to the mirror and can make out a [[word|Run]] on the end of the tongue.You read the word, it says "Run". The stranger grabs you and pulls you into the mirror.