Possessed by Words

Naming this blog “Possessed By Words” was not a throwaway gesture. Words are intimately connected with the human condition and are a massive part of my life. I love words, genuinely love them. I love the way that we can trace their origins yet our language is constantly evolving with old words falling from our vocabulary as new, more relevant, words take their place.

Words aren’t just objects, they are living, breathing things in their own right. They have their own stories and their own power. Through them we connect with each other, to the world, to the past and the future.

We think we possess words but actually they possess us. They describe us, our names, occupations, places, feelings. We paint pictures with them yet really we are placing them on a canvas and they take on their own lives, inhabit our minds and change our experiences in wildly different ways for each and every one of us.

Words have power and the greatest minds have tried to understand and quantify this power. From the Kabbala, Confucius, Lewis Carroll, Karl Marx and innumerable others humanity has been changed by words. We are all possessed by words and like all things they have their unique vibrations.
You don’t need to be an avid reader or writer to love words, we can all let them into our lives and embrace them.

What words do you love and why?