Deafness and Amazon Instant Video

Whilst ordering a gift from Amazon and through my own ineptitude (or was it Amazon’s sneaky button placement)  I accidentally signed up to a month’s trial of Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime membership includes free access to Amazon Instant Video and as I was lumbered with Prime for a month I thought I’d see how Amazon Instant Video performed for sound quality and subtitling.

I decided to access it on my TV via the app on Xbox Live which was a fairly painless process. Once the app was installed on my Xbox and I entered my Amazon credentials I was straight in to the selection screen. The first film I watched without subtitles until my more observant teenage son pointed out that the ‘CC’ logo in the selection screen identified which items had subtitles or, as Amazon calls them, Closed Captions. Amazon provide a useful guide to turning on Subtitles.

Despite this false start I found the sound quality far better than the On Demand films I have experienced on the Sky service. It has given me a little more hope and faith in Video On Demand and decent subtitling, I’m optimistic that with a little pressure on the Government we can get all the VOD providers to follow suit.