Why “Possessed by Words” ?

From a very young age I have been fascinated by words – the way they sound, how they bounce around in my head, where they have come from and the pictures that they conjure.

As I got older my fascination grew into creating stories and listening to the characters that increasingly had conversations with me. I relish how much these words possess me and my thoughts.

I believe that all things are connected and all things are knowable by the words that describe them. I use numerology to find things that have the same vibration and use those vibrations for sympathetic magic, both to strengthen each other and as antidotes to each other.

Who am I?

I am Jamie Godsafe and I occasionally let the words that possess me spill out into the world. This is where they spill.

You can get in touch with me using the form below or on Twitter.

Say Hello

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