Below are some examples of my favourite pieces of poetry:

Form – this was my first published poem so has a special place in my heart.

The Hoggledy Higgledy Song – this was my second published poem and my attempt at a nursery rhyme that describes soul migration.

Black is the Crow – crows and other corvids fascinate me and this poem is about crows and their association with Morrigan.

How Much? – I’m proud of this poem for two reasons. Firstly because the proceeds from this poem went to raise funds to campaign against animal testing and secondly because a poem from Spike Milligan was also included in this anthology.

Hallowe’en – I have included this poem here because it is one of my longest poems and it is the poem that I feel has been the most inspired. I wrote it straight away on Halloween 1991 without pausing or editing it.

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