Lilian Elizabeth Blayney 1916-2009

Lilian was my maternal grandmother and was also known as ‘Queen’ or ‘Queenie’.

She was born on 4th May 1916 to Joseph H Blayney and May Victoria Blyth.

She married Albert Edward Hooper. They had 3 children – May, Janet and Jessie.

She died on 21st October 2009.

Below is a photo of Lilian in Egypt with her mother, father and brother. Her father was part of the mop-up operation in Egypt after the First World War.

Photo: Lilian Blayney, May Blyth and Joseph Blayney in front of the sphink, Egypt. c.1919

Lilian Georgina Francis 1916-2009

Lilian was my paternal grandmother and was known as ‘Lil’.

She was born in Hornchurch, Essex, England on 18th May 1916 to (Unknown) Francis and (Unknown) French.

She married Owen Leonard Godsafe in 1938 in Billericay, Essex. They had 3 children – John, Gillian and Janet.

She died on 4th October 2009 at Southend-on-Sea Hospital. Her death notice is at